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We are
STRINGS Inc. is a design studio, based in Tokyo, Japan.

Established :
April 2017

Member :
Atsushi Oda / 小田厚志
UI designer / Art Director / Founder

Designer and art director. He started with designing of paper media such as CD covers and posters while in college and later engaged in designing of mobile contents at leading venture companies. After graduating college and working as a freelancer, he moved to the U.S. and spend his entire time working on graphic design and web contents development in Silicon Valley as well as riding a BMX. After returning to Japan in 2008 and working for several large venture companies including DeNA, he went independent in 2014 and established Strings Inc. in 2017.
At DeNA, he worked as a lead designer and an art director for a number of products such as Mobage apps including Manga Box which recorded 12 million downloads. He is currently offering design consulting services for start-up and venture companies while taking part in multiple services as a designer.

デザイナー・アートディレクター。大学在学中にCDカバー、ポスターなどの紙媒体のデザインからスタートし、大手ベンチャー企業でモバイルコンテンツのデザインに従事。大学卒業後フリーランス期間を経て渡米、シリコンバレーにてグラフィックデザイン、webコンテンツ制作とBMXライディングに明け暮れたのち2008年帰国。DeNAなど数社の大型ベンチャー企業を経て2014年独立。2017年にStrings Inc. を設立。 DeNAでは1200万DLのマンガボックスを始め、mobageアプリなど数々のプロダクトのリードデザイナー、アートディレクターを担当。現在は複数のサービスにデザイナーとして関わりつつ、スタートアップ、ベンチャー企業のデザインコンサルティングも手がける。

- Career

2017 April - Found Strings Inc. (Tokyo)

2014 to present - Freelancer & atsdesign (Anywhere)
Art Director & UI designer

2012-2014 DeNA (Tokyo)
UI Designer

2008-2012 INFINITA (Tokyo)
Art Director

2006-2008 Media Craft Labs (Sunnyvale, CA)
Web Designer

2003-2004 AucSale (Tokyo)
Web Designer

2001-2003 CYBIRD (Tokyo)
Graphic & Web Designer

- Educations

2006 Academy of Art University - Major : Graphic Design

2004 Senshu University - Major : Economics

Clients :
DENTSU INC. / DeNA Co., Ltd. / Repro Inc. / PicApp, Inc. / Cogent Labs / PR TIMES / noco inc. / Original, Inc. / Pastoral Dog / CROOZ, Inc. / SmartNews Inc. / Gunosy / リクルートホールディングス / 松崎商店 / Colleagues / JSコンサルティング / フーリガン / FacePeer / PECO / Innova, inc. / mof mof inc. / LAURUN / BASCOM Inc. / Muse Translation Office Inc. / and more...



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